Not Your Typical Aircraft Management Company

We are not a charter company, we are your flight department. Our goal is to maximize value for aircraft owners through our management programs focusing on light and midsize aircraft. It doesn't matter if your goal is income generation or capital preservation, our programs can be custom designed for your needs.

Capital Jet Management

Flight Crew - We empower flight crew to become part of the management process and involve them in decision making process for all aspects of the operation.

Fuel - A team of operations staff who are negotiating the most advantageous fuel pricing for your aircraft without any obligations to company owned FBOs.

Hangar - We pursue the most cost effective way to protect your asset based on the goals for your aircraft.

Accounting - We provide a complete list of all expenses and revenue generated per trip in a transparent report. A monthly management report details all income and expenses on the aircraft every month, without any surprise charges.

Maintenance - Our in-house DOM uses his 35 years of experience to source all inspections and parts to ensure you are getting the highest quality maintenance service at below industry-level rates.

Forecasting - Accurate 12/36/60 month budget forecasts for maintenance, operational, and financial tracking. Quarterly review of budget forecasting to ensure your aircraft is on-track.

Typical Jet Management

Flight Crew - Actively block direct involvement with the owner or any circumstances beyond 'just being the pilot' .

Fuel - Content with fuel prices above industry best rates because they have their own fuel operations or affiliated FBOs they must buy fuel from.

Hangar - Force owners into hangars owned by the management company further driving the management company's own revenue at the expense of the owner.

Accounting - Unclear inconsistent account practices designed to hide up-sell and markup on fuel, maintenance, and operational expenses. Unexpected and surprise costs every month.

Maintenance - A in-house maintenance department performing all routine and non-routine maintenance to ensure they meet their revenue goals for the maintenance team, at the owner's expense.

Forecasting - Forecasting showing high number of charter hours but in an attempt to offset the higher costs a owner is paying on all other aspects of the aircraft.