The Citation Sovereign is a mid-sized private jet with a range of 3,000nm. It is one of the most cost-effective private jets per seat for travel in North America because of its direct operating costs. First of all the Sovereign shines when it comes to short runway performance. At maximum weight, it only needs 2,600ft to come to a full stop. One of our Sovereigns under management regularly flies full of passengers from a 4,900ft runway to the opposite coast without any performance limitations.

Citation Sovereign Variable Operating Costs

The table below lists the direct operating costs of a Citation Sovereign based on actual data from our Citation Sovereign aircraft under management. The table is based on 360 hours of flight per year. Fuel pricing information comes from fuel prices for an aircraft operating out of Southern California.

Variable Costs360 hours per year
Total Variable Cost$700,200
Engine/APU Maintenance$198,000
Airframe Maintenance$108,000

Citation Sovereign Fixed Operating Costs

Variable operating costs are just part of the picture when budgeting for an aircraft. Variable costs are the costs associated with every flight hour the aircraft is in operation. The fixed operating costs are your costs associated with operating the aircraft that do not vary based on the number of hours flown. Some common fixed costs are:

  • Aircraft Management Fee – The fee the management company charges to oversee all aspects of your aircraft.
  • Aircraft Hangar
  • Crew Salaries and Benefits
  • Crew Training
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Aircraft Insurance
  • and More

How expensive is it to fly a Citation Sovereign?

The answer is: It Depends! Your tax situation, available capital, and location will have a large impact on your variable operating costs. The easiest way to determine a budget for your aircraft is to have our aircraft management team generate an operating budget for your aircraft or the aircraft you are interested in. Its fast, easy, and free.