SANTA ANA, Feb 5th – Capital Jet Management, a new firm focused on private aircraft management and jet charter, has announced the commencement of operations from its Orange County base. The company was founded by industry veterans, John Jorgensen, Cliff Bruner, and Ken Webster. Together they formed Capital Jet Management to service aircraft owners desiring a more personalized aircraft management experience.

Ken Webster, Managing Partner explains, “Looking at the private aviation industry in the United States there has been exceptional growth in the last few years. As the economy has recovered there has been consolidation between many of the operators in Southern California. 10 years ago there were dozens of management companies to choose from whereas today there are really only 4 or 5 large firms. We have identified an opportunity for aircraft owners and private jet charter customers who are looking for a more personalized experience.”

The company is independently owned with no operational or financial commitments to any MRO, Manufacturer, or FBO provider. “This is really key to what we are trying to do. Our goal is not only to manage your aircraft, but to be your personal flight department. The needs of each individual aircraft is our primary focus. Unfortunately some of the industry has moved away from that. We want to return the industry to a place where an aircraft owner can get the personalized service they deserve.”, said John Jorgensen, Director of Operations.

The three founders are all industry veterans each with a different area of expertise. Cliff Bruner has over 20 years of maintenance experience. John Jorgensen has 20 years of operations and training experience. Ken Webster has extensive international flight and management experience. “We have all worked long enough in aviation to have a idea for how we think things ‘should’ be run. We got together and realized the only way to deliver the level of service we were all aspiring for was to do it ourselves.”, said Cliff Bruner, Director of Maintenance.

The company has opened its main office at Santa Ana’s John Wayne Airport. With offices in Newport Beach and Ontario.

About Capital Jet Management

Capital Jet Management, or CJM, provides boutique aircraft management and jet charter services to clients within the United States. CJM manages a fleet of aircraft primarily based in Southern California, with offices at Santa Ana Airport. CJM operates under FAA Air Carrier Certificate Number 5GCA573N.