How A Aircraft Management Company Can Improve Safety

October 10, 2018 in Aircraft Operations

On September 27th, 2018 a Falcon 50 operated by Air American Flight Services ran off the end of a runway on landing. Both the pilot and co-pilot received fatal injuries, and two passengers were seriously injured. Based on the preliminary NTSB report it appears that this horrible accident could have been easily avoided, with proper oversight.

Neither the pilot nor the copilot was legally qualified to fly the aircraft. That’s right, in today’s day and age an aircraft took off, flew and landed at a destination without a single legally qualified pilot onboard. We know this because of the NTSB report but what we do not know is how many flights this illegal crew had flown or how many more flights take off and land every day without a legal crew, narrowly avoiding disaster. As with most accidents, it is becoming clear that this one was preventable and could have been easily prevented with additional oversight, something that an honest aircraft management company can provide.

Additionally, the passengers who are recovering in the hospital have described their flight as a “chartered flight”. This would mean not only that the aircraft was operating illegally without a qualified crew, but was also conducting a charter flight for profit, something that neither the aircraft, operation, or pilots were legally allowed to do. This is a clear case of a breakdown in oversight on every step of the operation.

The aircraft in question was flown and managed by the pilots onboard, a typical arrangement that works well for many aircraft owners. In this arrangement, there is a glaring lack of oversight on the pilots themselves. If the management company and the pilots are one in the same, there is no scrutiny to training records, operational procedures, and safety practices of those pilots. A simple outside operational audit, something our company regularly does for other aircraft, would have found these glaring issues and might have allowed the passengers onboard to avoid their serious injuries.

The safety of any operation overwhelmingly relies on two things: procedures and oversight. If you remove one of these two crucial components you have dramatically reduced the safety of the operation. This is why we encourage all owners to utilize the services of an aircraft management company, either as a regular auditor or as a full-time management partner.

Capital Jet Management Expands With Addition of Riverside Office

August 23, 2018 in Announcements

RIVERSIDE, August 23rd – Capital Jet Management, a growing aircraft management company based in Southern California has announced the addition of an office in Riverside, CA. The company has experienced growth in the private aircraft management sector of its business.

Ken Webster, Managing Partner explained the addition of the office, “There are a number of aircraft owners in the Inland Empire who are looking for a local company to help them manage their aircraft. Right now their only options are to either engage with a company who are not members of the community or engage in local operators who are 100% focused on chartering their aircraft. We think we can help fill the niche for owners that do not want 100 hours of charter per month on their aircraft but are looking for a professional company to manage their aircraft safely and efficiently.”


The company chose Riverside Airport because of its location within the Inland Empire. Its central location, business-friendly airport management, and close proximity to the FAA District Office were cited as to why Riverside Airport was chosen over Chino, San Bernardino, or Ontario. “We have a strong working relationship with the FAA. Our close proximity to the Riverside Flight Standards District Office allows us to quickly and effectively manage our regulatory requests.”, explained John Jorgensen, Director of Operations. “I have strong roots to the Inland Empire and have lived in the area for over 20 years, we are looking forward to continuing the grow the business and help aircraft owners in Southern California.”

The new office is located within the terminal building at Riverside Airport.

About Capital Jet Management

Capital Jet Management, or CJM, provides boutique aircraft management and jet charter services to clients within the United States. CJM manages a fleet of aircraft primarily based in Southern California, with offices at Santa Ana Airport and Riverside Airport. CJM operates under FAA Air Carrier Certificate Number 5GCA573N.

What To Look For In An Aircraft Management Company

March 12, 2018 in Aircraft Management

There are no shortages of aircraft management companies in Southern California. Each has its pros and cons. A larger aircraft management firm can provide you with cost-effective economies of scale to reduce your costs of ownership. Their relationships with FBO chains can drive lower fuel prices, their relationships with insurance companies can help reduce insurance costs, and their existing customer base can provide instant charter revenue on your aircraft.

It sounds like every aircraft owner should place their aircraft with a larger management firm then right? Well not so fast…

The Larger Aircraft Management Firms

There are plenty of downsides with the larger aircraft management firms. Their large size also means the revenue they must generate from your aircraft is higher than a smaller company. They might make them push less than optimal charter flights for your aircraft to reach revenue targets. That relationship with an FBO chain that saves you money in Teterboro might cost you more money in Van Nuys because their agreement forces all aircraft to only use that FBO chain. Most of all if you are just one of 100 aircraft under management you might be treated as ‘just another owner’. Finally, most larger aircraft management firms have specific procedures in place for monthly management and owner flights. Given their size they are usually less flexible when it comes to specific owner requests for special monthly reporting and operational needs.

The Smaller Aircraft Management Firms

Being a customer of a smaller management firm can also have its downsides. While most fuel pricing advantages have been eliminated through the use of contract fuel, partnering with a management firm that also owns FBOs will ensure you are getting the best rates on fuel while at company FBOs. Smaller aircraft management firms can provide a higher level of customer service than the larger firms. Smaller aircraft management firms are also usually more flexible when working with your accounting and tax professionals to develop custom reporting and proactive budgeting.

In the end, it comes down to preference and people. 

Finding a trustworthy company to manage your aircraft is not an easy decision. There is an abundance of companies each with their pros and cons. Invest the time required to get to know the management and employees of the company that will be managing your aircraft, as they will be the ones safeguarding your asset.